Wednesday, 31 July 2013

A Silent Word

A silent word...
For many years you wouldn’t hear
It’s implied, inferred and understood  
But flowing from our lips it wouldn’t be heard.
A word of fear
A word of fright
The powerful fall
The certain collapse.
A word that causes nausea
A feeling in your gut  
That only God understands.
When I was young
And I think back
Maybe it was protection
And keeping me safe
But now that I’m older
I find its all so common
To watch friends and family awaiting news
To see young and old waist away.
The pain, the anguish on loved ones faces as the penny begins to drop.
There are no words...
There is just a look
A look that says it all
So the battle has begun
Its fought in the mind and in the heart
So who will win through?
And as loved ones watch on
Their hearts are with you
There with you all the way
Willing and wishing
Hoping and praying that all be well
So this silent word
Destroys and kills
But some they battle through
For in their battle
There is a new hope, a new start
Just somewhere
Some time

Some place...

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