Wednesday, 31 July 2013

An Adnams Ode

Standing at edge of the world the lighthouse blinks in time
The sky smooches with the sea in delicate rhythm
Stillness and Silence except for waves kissing the stony shore
the faint sound of sand martins whipping to and fro
from their homes in the sea wall

In the distance the ghost ship rocks gently
Inviting us to come on board and take a look
Jack Spratt stands at the helm
Studying the waves and the wind
He's content; at one with the elements

His mind drifting to days gone by
When time as an explorer where so frequent
Imagining old bob withered, weary
Sitting rocking at the tavern door
Pipe dangling from his lips,
puffs of smoke delicately blending into the air

The long slim pier at southwold somewhere in his mind
Watching the guys fishing... They seem to never leave
The smell of coffee and recently caught fish hangs in the air
They seem like sole stars rooted, grounded, little movement
The odd murmur floats around with no one listening or caring.

His mind moves to a place of comfort and stories
The kings head pub with its barrels of ale
taking people to another time and place
Where men and women laugh and ponder on life's big questions
Politics, economics, faith, village life
Where music plays and singing echo


Where were you God, where were you?

           Where were you God, where were you?

I've been waiting...
Watching pain etched on war torn faces
Nameless Places, lives destroyed and obliterated  
Opposition warmongering, rhetoric roaring, fear and loathing.
Where were you God, where were you?
I've been waiting...                                         
Watching pain etched on disaster victims
Vacant faces, hollow eyes, emaciated bodies
Stomachs extended, malnutrition ridden.
Where were you God, where were you?
I've been waiting...
Watching pain etched on friends faces
Weakening, worrying, aching
Body collapsing, limbs twinging
Where were you God, where were you?
I've been waiting...
Watching pain etched in lonely people
In a crowd but yet so alone
Looking for meaning in all the wrong places
Risking life for survival
Where were you God, where were you?
I've been waiting...
Watching the hopeless and helpless
Scavenging for a moment of contentment
Why does it have to be this way
Will you ever act?
I’m in despair... anguish, guilt and failure all around
Where were you God, where were you?
I've been waiting...
Crying, how long lord... how long?
My heart... it waits for you
I scarcely remember when you stood alongside me
A distant memory when you held me
I want to know you...  to cling to you...
to know that you will act...
I want to learn to trust, to hope... my heart though falls
My sorrow is great for what i see around me

Please God... Rescue me... rescue me..

When i gaze

When I gaze

When I gaze on the world
The worries and woes
The wounded souls
Wondering where we went wrong
Walking the street
Where people pass by
Not a nod not a hi
Nor a how do you do?
When I gaze on the world
Are we really so worried
By what folks might say
Or what folks might see
When its ear phones in
And mobile on
as our heads are down.
When I gaze on the world
Were social was usual
Standing and chatting
To stranger and friend
Where gathering was fun
Where we weren’t so suspicious
Of stranger and friend.
Where welcome was normal
When there was time to chat, chew the fat.
When I gaze on a story
With its light and hope
Where the keeper of the inn
Was happy to help and happy to chat
There was nothing left
But something so earthy
That grounded the child
in the dirt of the earth.
When I gaze on the story
Does it ask a question
Something of welcome
Something of wonder
When I gaze on the story
When I gaze on the world
When the future looks bleak
And folks are so weak
Will we welcome the stranger
Will we bow to the poor
Will we stand with weathered
And withered of life
Not for us but for them
Will we lose our mobile
Will we ditch the head phones
Will we raise our head
And walk with a smile
Will hope be found in the way that we walk
In the way that we look
In the way that we stand
Will our faces welcome
So I wonder will Christmas be present?

A Silent Word

A silent word...
For many years you wouldn’t hear
It’s implied, inferred and understood  
But flowing from our lips it wouldn’t be heard.
A word of fear
A word of fright
The powerful fall
The certain collapse.
A word that causes nausea
A feeling in your gut  
That only God understands.
When I was young
And I think back
Maybe it was protection
And keeping me safe
But now that I’m older
I find its all so common
To watch friends and family awaiting news
To see young and old waist away.
The pain, the anguish on loved ones faces as the penny begins to drop.
There are no words...
There is just a look
A look that says it all
So the battle has begun
Its fought in the mind and in the heart
So who will win through?
And as loved ones watch on
Their hearts are with you
There with you all the way
Willing and wishing
Hoping and praying that all be well
So this silent word
Destroys and kills
But some they battle through
For in their battle
There is a new hope, a new start
Just somewhere
Some time

Some place...

Pictures of love

Where and how do you see love?
Is it in the eye of the one you love?
Is it there as you chant for the team you love?
Is it seen in the beating of a heart?
Can you pick it up and throw it around?
Can you watch it from a distance?
Can you take a microscope and see inside it?
There are songs that are sung, words that are written
About this word, this metaphor, this slippery thing
That can’t be held down or hung on a hook
 So I’m scouring, looking under rocks and stones
Ripping up roots trying to discover just what it is
And what it does
And what it means.
For there are moments in life when love actually smacks us around the face
For love finds a way
So I picture this love in so many ways
It’s démodé in people that are great actors
But It’s not in the acting of love actually
But in the reality of a kind word said or deed that’s done
Or is it in the words of ‘I do’
Or a man that bled and died on a tree
A picture of love that’s held in a photo of something tangible, of something real
That’s not hidden or fake or fleeting like cake
There are pictures of love in many places with so many people
So take your eyes off the floor and look around
And see the pictures of love that are scattered around. 

Christmas spoken word...

As part of a project I was leading called Christmas Present i wrote a couple of spoken word tracks it was a done with the help of a dj mate of mine Tom Roberts.

Here are the tracks... hope you enjoy... 


Mirror Mirror

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


In this blog I will be posting various poems i have written over the last few years, I used to write a few bits in the dim and distant past but then life took over... I tried to find them but as yet I think I may have chucked them out... so this is here to make sure I don't lose them again! I hope you enjoy them... when i get chance to put them on!